Booster Club

LBBC 2022-2023 Proposed Budget

Every year the Lamar Band Booster Club presents their proposed budget to the General Membership for approval. Please review the following budget, it will be presented for Membership approval at the September 8th parent meeting.

LBBC Proposed Budget 2023-2024

The Lamar Band Booster Club (LBBC) supports the Lamar Band programs with volunteering, fundraising and event coordination. All members are benefiting their student’s music experience as their membership fees contribute to the overall fundraising of LBBC.

Become a member of the LBBC! Memberships available here:

LBBC Address:  1124 N. Fielder Rd. PO Box 192, Arlington, TX. 76012
LBBC email:

Please note, you do not have to be a booster member to be a band parent volunteer. To become an approved volunteer, please visit

Currently, there are many volunteer opportunities and we would welcome the help, contact Liz Bankhead at !

Current LBBC Bylaws 

Bylaws 2023

2023-2024 Lamar Band Booster Club (LBBC) Board Members

  • President: Jennifer Stein
  • Secretary: Julie Smith
  • Treasurer: Sandra Howard
  • 1st VP Communications: Alysa Bajenaru 
    • Registration Chair:
    • Program Chair: 
  • 2nd VP Volunteers: Liz Bankhead
    • Membership Chair: Rebecca Deen
    • Lead Chaperone:
    • Uniform Chair: Vonda Sherrod 
  • 3rd VP Hospitality: Nicole New
    • Hospitality Aide: Jessica Bass 
    • Competition/Game Day Meal Chair: Amy Aitken
  • 4th VP Ways and Means: Mandy Walter
    • Spirit Sales Chair:
    • Car Wash/Restaurant Chair: Stormie Partee
    • Fundraising Chair: 
  • 5th VP Equipment: Robert Howard
    • Equipment Aide: Jason Hardy
  • 6th VP Percussion: Rachel Kelly
    • Percussion Aide: Donnie, McKean, Theresa Jorgensen
  • 7th VP Colorguard:
    • Colorguard Aide:
  • 8th VP Jazz Band: Bryan Stein
  • Parliamentarian: (Volunteer or Appointed)