Color Guard & Winterguard

The Lamar Guard program supports student’s growth in the areas of movement as a means for expression and an in-depth teaching of equipment manipulation for flag, rifle and sabre. Allowing students to discover, explore and take ownership of performance as a means of expression is the highest goal of the Lamar Guard program.

With a long history of competitive success both as part of the Lamar Marching Band during the fall season and as its own competing body in the winter season, the Lamar Guard is excited to move into the upcoming winter season with two guards, a Varsity team and a JV team. Additionally, Lamar Guard is excited to expand its competitive range this upcoming season with a regional performance in Austin (WGI regional) as well as performances at the WGI Dallas Regional and WGI Denton Super Regionals. Both groups will compete in approximately eight shows throughout the season as well as local perfomances for the community and school body!



Forms and Links

Online Payment for Fees

Guard Fees

Under “Fee Type” Select Activity Fee.

Be sure to fill out your student name and ID number.

Contact Information:

Midori Eng | Colorguard Director        email:

Marina Attaalla | Colorguard Director       email: 

Alan Lang | Band Director                     email: 

AISD Approved Volunteer 

For parents or other adults who want to volunteer on contest days or longer trips, he/she/they will have to be an approved AISD volunteer in order to ride the bus with us. Use this link to apply: Online District Volunteer Application

Lamar NTCA Winterguard Show

We are excited to have been chosen by the North Texas Colorguard Association to host a competition on February 19, 2022. We will need plenty of volunteers to make this successful for our band program as a whole! Be on the lookout for a sign up to volunteer!

Winterguard Calendars

Downloadable Calendar File

Lamar WG Schedule 2021-2022

Holiday Camp will be January 3rd-4th from 9am to 9pm. There will be an hour break for lunch from 12pm-1pm and an hour break for dinner from 5pm to 6pm.

Typical Week Schedule will be 6pm-9pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting in Gym C. Saturdays 9am-12pm for Varsity, and 12:30pm-3:30pm for JV.
March 19th-20th is the Dallas Super Regional  -Varsity Guard Members must be able to attend that Friday rehearsal and Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is prelims and semis, Sunday is Finals.
There will be a community performance and some middle school performances during April. There is a possibility that there will be a performance at the CVPA in May as well.