Orchestras Directors:  Andrew Walton & James Hogan

Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra has established a reputation as one of the finest high school orchestras in Texas. For 22 out of the last 24 years, the orchestra has earned the Sweepstakes Award at UIL Contest and currently has 18 consecutive Sweepstakes Awards. The orchestra has also received the Outstanding Orchestra Award at many music festivals throughout the country.

Students in the Symphony Orchestra are among the most intelligent, dedicated and respected students at Lamar. They are involved in many activities other than orchestra such as the National Honor Society, football team, swim team, choir, drama, German Club, Latin Club, Student Council, STEP, TAFE, Cheerleading, Band, etc. Very often the valedictorian and/or salutatorian of the senior class have been members of the Symphony Orchestra. Besides preparing for concerts and UIL Orchestra Contest, the orchestra students participate in the UTA and UIL solo-ensemble contest, All -Region and All-State auditions.

Philharmonic Orchestra

The Philharmonic Orchestra is composed of all grade levels and comes from strong traditions of U.I.L. excellence. The Philharmonic Orchestra will perform on all major programs, compete in all U.I. L. and U.T. A. activities, and travel to music festivals. Expectations for this group are very high.

Concernt Orchestra

The Concert Orchestra is made up of all grade levels from strong programs at Nichols and Shackelford Junior Highs. This orchestra will participate in most activities of the orchestra program.

Sinfonia Orchestra

The Sinfonia Orchestra is the newest group of the LHS Orchestra Program. The Sinfonia is made up of all grade levels. This orchestra will participate in most activities of the orchestra program.

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