Weekly Announcements 11-20-13

SPRING TRIP – Payment #2 is was Nov. 15th. There are a few spots available for any student who is interested in going to Orlando for Festival Disney. See Lang for details.

ALL CITY 11-12 GRADE AUDITIONS – The following band students auditioned for and made the All-City honor band. Stuart Young (1ST CHAIR), Sara McCormack, Alex Davis, Luis Aguirre, Donovan Jones, Jason Breedlove, Daniel Dickey (1ST CHAIR), Yasir Choudhury, Lindsay Lehman, Joseph Lopez, and David Kinman. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The 9-10th grade students will audition next Monday.

PLAYOFF GAME #2 — The Vikings will compete in Abilene this Friday at Shotwell stadium. This is round two of the playoffs. All eligible members of the Lamar band will travel by charter bus on Friday. The AISD athletic department pays for the transportation and meals. Students will be given $18 for dinner on Friday afternoon/evening. The bus will depart at 1:15pm. We are encouraging students to dress very warm and suggest many layers. We will NOT wear the marching uniform. We will wear jeans, band shirts or polos. We recommend the band hoody. Students will be encouraged to wear gloves, scarves, head covers (hats, beanies, ear warmers). The forecast for games time is 32 and winds 15-25mph. If precipitation is likely or happening, we will evaluate the situation. The band staff and school administration has the students safety as our number one priority.

ALL CITY AUDITIONS – The freshmen and sophomores will audition on Monday, Nov. 25th, for the All City honor band. Auditions will take place at Martin HS. Students will provide their own transportation and arrive between 4:30 – 5:00. Students must check in at their audition room by 5:15. Students should look for maps or other directions to find the appropriate rooms.

STATEMENTS – You will soon receive a statement from the band Charms account. The statements can be a challenge to read and understand. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Lang dlang@aisd.net

INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS – If you have any questions regarding the individual photos, please contact Terry Ip at terryipphotos@yahoo.com

PRIVATE VIDEO SITE – 2013 LHS Band Marching Season Videos
Password: VFND2013

Thursday 11/21 3:30-5:00 Marching Band Rehearsal
Friday 11/22 12:45pm-1:30am Football at Abilene
Monday 11/25 4:30-9:00 9-10 All City Audition
Thursday 12/5 7:00pm Winter Jazz Concert
Friday 12/6 12:00-2:00 Chirstkindl Performance

For the entire band calendar for 2013-2014 go to https://lamarmusic.org/calendar/

QUOTE OF THE WEEK – “Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.” – Johann Gottfried Von Herder