Ms. Burum

Dear parents and students,

I’m sure many of you have already heard about the big announcement I made last night at rehearsal, but I just wanted to take a moment to put into words what I couldn’t quite articulate yesterday evening. When Nathan and I found out that I was pregnant, we were beyond excited, yet we knew that it would be very challenging to raise a child with both of us working 12+ hour days plus weekends. The amount of time we spend at the high school has never been an issue and when you are passionate about something, the time just doesn’t matter. But now that we have a baby on the way, our priorities have shifted a bit. The past few months, Nathan and I did a lot of talking and a lot of praying, hoping that something would work out in our favor. At the end of June, the head position at Boles JH opened up and I interviewed for it. I was offered the position at the beginning of last week, but didn’t want to tell the kids until I could tell them in person. What I wanted to tell them before my emotions got the best of me last night is that teachers get into the profession because of two things: we want to share our passion for the subject we teach and we want to make an impact and touch the lives of the students that come into our classrooms. Little do we know getting into it that the road is a two way street. Your children have made such an impact in my life, and the relationships I have with them mean so much to me. They have helped me grow as a teacher, and have allowed me to discover more of who I am as an individual. I am beyond excited to be at Boles, and know that my students there will be great, but it won’t be the same. My time at Lamar will never be forgotten, and I wish you all the best. VFND.

Carrie Burum