Announcements 8/26/2017

I want to welcome our new students that have moved in! Please contact a director or booster club member with any questions.


Rehearsals – Next week we adjusted to account for the football game and Vikingfest on Wednesday. Next week is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 6:00-8:30. After Labor Day we go to our “normal” schedule. If you have transportation concerns, let us know and fill out this form.


Schedule and Calendar – The fall calendar is finally available. I wanted to have it finalized much earlier but there were many variables that factored into the rehearsal schedule and events calendar for marching season. As always one of our big concerns is safety for the students. Our parking lot that we practice on is slated for repair next summer. In the meantime, it is full of potholes making marching somewhat dangerous. Therefore, we are planning on practicing on it as little as possible and scheduled rehearsals on Cravens field Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Monday and Thursday are full with football games. Due to this fact, this fall our day off will be on Mondays. Our 8 hours of afterschool practice will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That being said, there are other factors that make that “normal” schedule have to change. Before Labor Day, AISD does not allow marching bands to practice until after 6:00pm. Therefore, we have a modified practice schedule for the next two weeks. You can see on the calendar that there are a few weeks with altered rehearsal days as well. ATTENDANCE TO REHEARSALS IS MANDATORY.


Private Lessons – We have a full lineup of master teachers for our private lesson program this fall. We very strongly encourage all students to take advantage of the private lesson staff. Lessons are run through the Arlington Music Enrichment Program (AMEP). Lessons are $17 a week. Students must fill out the paperwork to be set up in the AMEP system. Those forms will be sent home this week.


Jazz Band – Jazz 2 (the beginner jazz band) has a couple of spots left for brass students. If you have room to triple block band, see Mr. Carlton ASAP!


Color Guard – The guard will need to quickly change to rehearsal clothes at the beginning of 3rd period. Unless we have weather problems, we will be on the grid for class.


Supplies – All band students are required to have a “blue book”. This is a standard band method book in Texas. It is easy to find. It is called “Foundations for Superior Performance”. Make sure you purchase the correct instrument.

Woodwinds:  Instrument cleaning cloth, 3 to 5 good reeds minimum, a reed case, swab, binder/music, pencil, metronome/tuner

Brass:  Instrument cleaning cloth, straight mute, valve/rotor oil, slide grease, binder/music, pencil, metronome/tuner. I strongly recommend the “BERP”

Percussion:  Stick bag, metronome, snare sticks, rubber and yarn mallets, timpani mallets, drum pad, binder/music, pencil

Marching Rehearsals: In addition to the above – water jug, lyre, flip folio, lanyard, and coordinate sheets

Flip folio and lyres –


Helpful tools to be a great musicians.

Our marching band drill is available on a new app. The directors and student leaders have been testing it and it is AMAZING! I encourage all students to try the app. Once they download it they can ask a section leader how to download the Lamar Show 2017.


The most incredible innovation in music technology has been the Tonal Energy App. It is a very high tech tuner, metronome and much more. Students are often ask to use this app during class if they have it on their smartphones.


Here is one of my favorite metronome apps –


The Voice of The Pride of Lamar – Our loyal announcer, Brent Dow, is retiring from being the voice of the Lamar band and the ViQueens. His kids have not been students at Lamar for many years, yet, he kept on coming to every game to announce us at half-time. We greatly appreciate all he did for the band and we will miss his presence…particularly the Thriller show! We are looking for a parent with a big voice that would like to be our announcer during halftime this fall. Email a director and let us know if you are interested.


Terry Ip photography – Mr. Ip will not be taking individual portraits in the full marching band uniform like we have done in the past. Too few families were purchasing the photo packages for it to be a viable business venture. He is willing to take these photos in his studio if there are families interested in purchasing a photo shoot package. For more info, contact him at

Quote of the Week – “You can’t let praise or criticism get to you. It’s a weakness to get caught up in either one.” – John Wooden

Events (the week ahead)

Monday, Aug 28 6:00pm-8:30pm Marching Band Practice

Tuesday, Aug 29 6:00pm-8:30pm Marching Band Practice

Wednesday, Aug 30 6:00pm-8:00pm Vikingfest (optional attendance)

Thursday, Aug 31 6:00pm-8:30pm Marching Band Practice

Friday, Sept 1 5:00pm-10:00pm Home football game vs. Fossil Ridge


Communication –

New band room phone lines:

1200x630.pngRemind (texting service) text to 81010 with the following message:

Lamar Band – @lamarband

Color Guard – @lamarguard

Band Parents – @lhsbandmom

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Instagram_icon.pngInstagram: @Lamarband

Twitter-icon.pngTwitter: @VikingBand (general band)

@AlanLangLHS (Mr. Lang)

@TCarltonLHS (Mr. Carlton)


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