Announcements 6-25-14

LEADERSHIP – New student leaders will have a workshop with Mr. Ferrito June 27th and 28th. The workshop will run from 8:00am to 5:00pm at LHS. We will provide snacks and lunch. Students will need to bring the $40 workshop fee on the 27th. The 27th will include the field leadership, band council and team leaders. Saturday will just be field leaders and band council.


SUMMER UNIFORMS – We will wear a cool weather uniform for the Independence Day Parade as well as the first few football games. The uniform is a white band polo and baseball cap (purchased from the band booster club), khaki shorts (knee length preferred), a black or brown belt, plain white shoes and socks. This year we will be using our new band logo on the polo and cap. Students who already have a summer uniform may continue to wear the old polo and hat. We have placed the order for the 4th of July. We can make another order on August 1st so we can have them for the first game.


PARADE BANNER HELP NEEDED – We need two younger siblings to volunteer to carry our LHS banner. We traditionally have two jr high band students carry it for us. The would need to practice with us on July 2nd and 3rd from 6:00-8:00 and then be with us at the Parade. Please email if you have someone interested.


PARADE CAMP – The 4th of July parade camp will start June 30th. We will rehearse Monday – Thursday from 4pm-8pm. Students will need to arrive a little before 4 so they can get their equipment ready for rehearsal. Students should wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to be outside in the heat. Everyone will need a large water jug, 32oz minimum. Students must wear athletic shoes, preferably running shoes or cross trainers. We will have a parent meeting at 7:30pm on July 2nd. This meeting will go over details regarding the parade as well as August band camp.


PARENT MEETING – There will be a short parent meeting on July 2nd starting at 7:30pm. The band staff will go over the parade details and discuss the August band camp. We look forward to seeing everyone.


REMIND – Remind101 is now called Remind. Nothing else has changed. I will continue to use it for mass texting to the band as well as small groups. For the Lamar Band texts, send a text to 469-643-4593469-643-4593 and put @lamarband as the text info. The attachment shows the same information.


BLAST OF BRASS – The Blast of Brass is a summer music conference held at Texas A&M Commerce. This a really amazing camp designed for all brass musicians from middle school through early college ages. The dates are July 6-12. I STRONGLY encourage all Lamar brass students to consider this camp. More details and information at


COLOR GUARD – Guard students will be measured for the fall costume during the parade camp rehearsals. If you are out of town during the parade camp week, please contact Mr. Lang for information on what measurements are required.


VIDEOS FROM LAST YEAR – The band videographer, Mark Breedlove, has provided incredible videos all year long. These videos are available for download now. Follow this link info to go check it out.

Password: VFND2013


SUMMER BAND – There are many band activities scheduled during the summer. Students are expected to attend all activities. Failure to do so will affect the students standing in the marching band next fall. For students in summer school or on previously planned family vacations, a note from a parent/ guardian will excuse that student so that they remain in good standing. However, when students miss rehearsals, it is often very difficult to catch up, particularly when we are learning drill to the competition show in August. The summer schedule is attached.


BAND CALENDAR – Events are always listed on the band Google calendar.



Friday            6/27/14        8:00-5:00    Leadership Camp

Saturday        6/28/14        8:00-5:00    Leadership Camp

Monday        6/30/14        4:00-8:00    Parade Camp Starts

Tuesday        7/1/14            4:00-8:00    Parade Camp

Wednesday         7/2/14            4:00-8:00    Parade Camp

Wednesday        7/2/14            7:30-8:00    Parent Meeting

Thursday        7/3/14            4:00-8:00    Parade Camp

Friday            7/4/14            7:00-12:00    Independence Day Parade

QUOTE OF THE WEEK – “What is the essence of America?  Finding and maintaining that perfect, delicate balance between freedom “to” and freedom “from.”  ~Marilyn vos Savant, in Parade