Announcements 2-6-14

MATTRESS PALOOZA – It is upon us! The mattress sale is this Saturday. I appreciate everyone giving it all they have to spread the word. I told the students that they were responsible for passing out at least ten flyer’s regarding the mattress sale. If that happens, and 1 out of every ten buys a mattress, we are in for a huge profit! The students will also get credit on their Charms account. $50 per mattress sold “in their name”. See the message below as Ms. Gray and I would like one more big push before our event Saturday. Let’s get the word out one more time!

From Ms. Gray:

This Saturday is a huge opportunity to easily earn $10k+ for our Viking Band. It’s so easy! Each student just needs to find ONE person who needs to replace a mattress in their home and invite them to our Mattress Palooza!

Please respond to this email with the name of your guest who will be attending! If you have more than one, SUPER! Please send all their names, and cc when you respond!

Pass this link along right away! It has all the details of our event:

If we get at least 500 FB responses to the event before Friday, we receive a $250 bonus! Please help us out! Thanks so much for supporting the Viking Band!

Watch these amazing videos by our awesome seniors…

SOLO & ENSEMBLE – It is important that every student turns in their $12.50 for each solo and/or ensemble in which they are entered. Accompanists have been assigned. The accompanists need a copy of the piano music by Friday. Students should be practicing daily on their solo and ensemble music.

ORLANDO – Orlando final payments will be due soon. I am having everyone wait to pay it. If a student gets two people to buy mattresses, that student will be credited $50 per mattress and it will go towards their trip balance!

LEADERSHIP – The leadership workshop has been postponed to Feb. 17th. Mr. Ferrito came down with the flu. The workshop fee is $23.


Saturday 2/15 TMEA All State Band concert (Stuart Young & Daniel Dickey)

Monday 2/17 9:00-6:30 Leadership workshop

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