Announcements 10/17/12

GRADES — Progress reports will be coming out soon for the 2nd six weeks. It’s important that students stay up with their assignments as we get into the busiest part of marching season. Students who are currently ineligible will have the opportunity to regain eligibility at the progress report if they are passing ALL courses. If a student is already eligible, the will not lose eligibility at a progress report.

DRIVERS — We are in need of a parent who can drive one of our band trailers for the contest on Saturday or UIL on Tuesday. We currently only have one truck to pull our Lamar band trailer. As it stands, we will have to rent a U-Haul style truck to carry the rest of our equipment. If you think you could use your SUV or truck to pull a trailer, please contact Ken Hetherington at kenheth

LETTER JACKETS — We are collecting orders for letter jackets for Sportswear World (located on Davis). They are offering a 10% discount if we place one bulk order of band letter jackets. If you are interested in this special offer, orders must be made by Nov. 1st. All checks should be made to Sportswear World! The LHS directors are only the middle man. The order forms are available in the band hall and the price for a knit collar is $114.70 and the Byron collar is $124.42. Those prices include tax and shipping. If you would like to try one on, feel free to swing by the store so you know what size to order. These jackets are the only jackets that are allowed to be worn over the marching band uniform at the games.

FRIDAY FOOTBALL — The call time for the game is 5:00. We will do a run through on the grid, get into uniform and go to Wilemon Field for the Bowie game.

SATURDAY WYLIE MARCHING CONTEST — The students will be in for a long day of competition. Please consider volunteering as a chaperone or as part of the pit crew. We love to have family at contests to cheer on the Vikings! The UPDATED itinerary is attached to this email. The prelims performance is at 1:15 and the finals performance will happen sometime after 6:00pm.

TUESDAY UIL — The itinerary for UIL is attached to this email. Please read it over and consider attending this as it is our most important event during marching season.

BAND PHOTOS — Retakes for band portraits are tomorrow and Friday this week. Please see Mr. Lang for a time. Mr. Ip photography has collected many band portrait orders. If you never received the email to have the option to place an order, please email Terry Ip directly at You can also visit his website If you never took the individual photo, please Mr. Lang about the make-up date.

SATURDAY CAR WASH — The ca r wash pledges are due. Please turn those into Mr. Lang or a LBBC board member ASAP.

PUSHING TOWARDS UIL — The band is in the most intense part of the season. We have only a matter of hours left of rehearsal until UIL region contest. The eligibility report recently came out and the band has the highest passing rate that it has had in 8 years! For the entire band, 90% is eligible. 96% of the varsity marching band is eligible making this the most successful 1st six weeks ever. The tutoring after school, the hard work in the teacher’s classrooms after school paid off! The students worked very hard to bring up low grades and we are proud of every student, even the students who didn’t quite make it. There was a huge effort from all band students and the staff is proud of their hard work.
To prepare those who are replacing an ineligible student, and to further define and develop our competition show, we are rehearsing as hard as we can during normal rehearsal hours. W e will always be under the 8 hour rule set forth by UIL.

SCHEDULE — The calendar link is

VIKING BAND TUTORING — After school from 2:45 — 3:45, tables are set up in the band hall for students to do homework and get tutoring from their band peers. A list of available tutors for various subjects is posted in the band hall. We encourage all students to take advantage of this time.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED — We have many events this fall that require parent support. To help with band events, you must be and AISD approved volunteer. The application can be found at After approved, go to the band website to find out more.

* Thursday 10/18 4:00-6:30 Marching rehearsal
* Friday 10/19 4:00-11:00 Football @ Bowie
* Saturday 10/20 9:00am-? Wylie Marching Contest
* Mo nday 10/22 4:00-7:00 Extended marching rehearsal
* TUESDAY 10/23 4:00-10:00 UIL Region 5 Marching Contest
* Thursday 10/25 4:00-7:00 Extended marching rehearsal
* Friday 10/26 4:00-11:00 Football vs. Martin at home (no CiCi’s)
* Saturday 10/27 TBD UIL Area B Marching Contest

QUOTE OF THE WEEK — “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson