Announcements 10/10/12

PUSHING TOWARDS UIL — The band is in the most intense apart of the season. We have only a matter of hours left of rehearsal until UIL region contest. The eligibility report came out last week and the band has the highest passing rate that it has had in recent marching seasons! For the entire band, 90% is eligible. 96% of the varsity marching band is eligible making this the most successful 1st six weeks in about 7 years. The tutoring after school, the hard work in the teacher’s classrooms after school paid off! The students worked very hard to bring up low grades and we are proud of every student, even the students who didn’t quite make it. There was a huge effort from all band students and the staff is proud of their hard work.
To prepare those who are replacing an ineligible student, and to further define and develop our competition show, we are rehearsing as hard as we can during normal rehearsal hours. We will always be under the 8 hour rule set forth by UIL. We do have a marching clinic/rehearsal on Saturday from 9am — noon. This will make up for our last rehearsal on Monday this week.

DICKEY’S BBQ FUNDRAISER – Come eat at the Dickey’s BBQ on Ballpark Way and Lamar, Wednesday, October 10th and support the Drumline. Drumline members will be working for tips to raise money to be used towards the purchase of needed equipment. Come any time between 5 and 8 pm and look for your drumline members! We will be receiving 15% of all receipts that are put into the Lamar receipt bucket, plus tips. So pass this on to your friends and families and come hungry! Thank you as always for your support!!!

FRIDAY FOOTBALL — The call time for the game is 5:00. We will do a run through on the grid, get into uniform and then line up with the Jr. High students to march into the stadium. We will do CiCi’s after the game. It will be at the eastchase CiCi’s and the cost is $5.

WYLIE MARCHING CONTEST — On Oct. 20th we will compete in our first contest of the season. The students will be in for a long day of competition. Please consider volunteering as a chaperone or as part of the pit crew. We love to have family at contests to cheer on the Vikings! The itinerary is attached to this email.

SATURDAY CAR WASH — Great job students and parents! The car wash, even with dreary weather, was a success. We brought in $1800+ in donations and washed 224 cars. The students are collecting pledges per car washed and that money is due on Monday. The student who brought in the most in pledges will receive a surprise prize.

SCHEDULE — The busy part of the season is here. It will soon seem that every day is another event in band. The band staff will do everything we can to remind students of their many obligations. If you have any questions, contact us by email first. Also, check the band calendar often as I will be updating times as I get more details. I will also try to put the address into the details of each event so you can easily “google map it”. The calendar link is

VIKING BAND TUTORING — After school from 2:45 — 3:45, tables are set up in the band hall for students to do homework and get tutoring from their band peers. A list of available tutors for various subjects is posted in the band hall. We encourage all students to take advantage of this time.

BAND PHOTOS — Mr. Ip photography has collected many band portrait orders. If you never received the email to have the option to place an order, please email Terry Ip directly at
You can also visit his website at
If you never took the individual photo, please Mr. Lang about the make-up date.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED — We have many events this fall that require parent support. To help with band events, you must be and AISD approved volunteer. The application can be found at After approved, go to the band website to find out more.

* Thursday 10/11 4:00-6:30 Marching rehearsal
* Friday 10/12 5:00-11:30 Football Sam Houston (Jr High night)
* Saturday 10/13 9:00-12:00 Marching Clinic @ Lamar
* Monday 10/15 4:00-6:30 Marching rehearsal
* Tuesday 10/16 4:00-6:30 Marching rehearsal
* Thursday 10/18 4:00-6:30 Marching rehearsal
* Friday 10/19 4:00-11:00 Football @ Bowie
* Saturday 10/20 9:00am-? Wylie Marching Contest

QUOTE OF THE WEEK — “Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose–a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.” – Mary Shelley