Announcements 1-17-13

J GILLIGANS FUNDRAISER — The LBBC held fundraiser at J Gilligans this past Saturday. The music was fantastic and it was close but Mr. Bibb won the “embarrassment jar” contest and will wear a clown suit to school in the near future! The booster club raised a little under $2000! The band staff and students would like to thank Dawn Bergen and all the other parents for putting together such a great event.

SOLO & ENSEMBLE — The first couple of weeks this semester, students will be selecting their solo for the spring semester. All students will perform a solo. Students in WS are required to perform it at UIL, students in SB are strongly encouraged to perform at UIL, and CB students are given the choice of UIL or the school recital. Ensembles will be put together in 5th and 6th periods. Ensembles are not required but are encouraged. If a student receives a certification to perform at state solo & ensemble contest, they are offered the opportunity to play in Austin in May. This is optional and up to the student. The band has taken a bus and stayed at a hotel in the past. Due to high costs of transportation and housing, we will not be traveling as a group this year. Students willing to provide their own transportation and housing can be entered into the contest and a director will be on the UT campus to help with any issues and pick up medals and sheets from the contest office. Forms are due Friday Jan. 18th!

STUDENT LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP — The process for leadership selection for next school year will begin in January. We are bringing in Peter Ferrito to teach a leadership and team building workshop on Jan. 21st. This all day workshop will include an informative Q&A with Mr. Ferrito and many team building exercises. The directors are hoping to have as many band students as possible involved in this great team building activity. We believe this program will help the Lamar band grow as a team during the spring semester. The max number of participants will be 60 so be sure to get the participation forms signed and turned in ASAP. There will be a $22 fee to cover the cost of the leadership manuals that Mr. Ferrito will bring on the day of the workshop. This workshop is the first step for those interested in attaining a leadership role in the band. More info on Mr. Ferrito at

LAMAR HIGH SCHOOL DISCPLINE “CRACKDOWN” — The administration at LHS will implement new consequences for the discipline plan already in place on Tuesday Jan. 22nd. I have attached details to this email. It boils down to three things, 1) Wear a school issued ID 2) Dress appropriately for school 3) Be on time to class. I’m sure that most band kids will not have any problems.

BAND HOODIES — We still have plenty of LHS Band hoodies for sale. The weather will be cold for a few more months! They are $25 and checks are made to the LBBC.

* Friday 1/18 6:00-9:30 All-Region band clinic in HEB
* Saturday 1/19 4:00-8:00 All-Region band concerts
* Monday 1/21 8:00-5:00 Leadership Workshop with Peter Ferrito
* Tuesday 1/22 3:00-4:30 Full orchestra rehearsal
* Tuesday 1/22 3:00-4:00 Symphonic band flue/oboe sectional
* Wednesday 1/23 7:30am Full orchestra rehearsal
* Wednesday 1/23 3:00-4:00 Symphonic band trumpet sectional
* Wednesday 1/23 3:15-4:15 Color Guard clinic @ LHS
* Wednesday 1/23 4:30-5:30 Color Guard clinic @ Shackelford JH
* Thursday 1/24 3:00-4:00 Symphonic band clarinet sectional
* Friday 1/25 7:35-11:30 Special half day of school

QUOTE OF THE WEEK — “The people follow the example of those above them.” -Chinese Proverb